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In their performances, these artists always surprise us, either with a good show or with a sentimental performance.

There are polemics with the singing because of the lip sync. Lady Gaga has never done it, but Madonna has lip synced in some TV programs, although she always sings live at their tours. Maybe she focuses her efforts trying to draw attention to the public on other things. Other artists like Michael Jackson used to combine the playback with the voice because of the extreme choreographies, a technique that the other two women have used in some cases.

“Just in case any of you wonder if I ever lip sync during my shows, the answer is no. I never lip sync, I’ve never lip synced and I never will […] as long as you pay money to buy a ticket to see my show […]” (from 0:15)
*Lady Gaga at the Monster Ball Tour, Honda Center of Anaheim (March 31st, 2011).

Apart from this, the performances are often striking and innovative and in some cases full of polemics, as you can check in the video below.

As we can see in the results so far of one of the surveys of this blog, the people that have voted think that to be successful in pop music the best way to achieve fans is to offer a powerful show with a big choreography. In fact, these three stars used to do this type of performances in their beginnings, but as time has gone by they have changed them to more simple and sentimental shows.

Everybody has seen in some occasion their performances on television and probably you will have your favourites. In this video you can see some of them, but of course there are many more.

WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE PERFORMANCE ON A TELEVISION SHOW OF EACH SINGER AND WHY? (Not necessarily have to be from the video) You can leave a comment below or in the video channel. If you want, you can leave the video link too. Thank you.

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  1. I love Michael Jackson and I follow him for 30 years. His voice is unique, his dancing is inimitable and his shows have been the best, so as to impress everyone. The performance of Billie Jean on the anniversary of Motown was historic. His videos and choreography are wonderful. Natural talent with hard work. Composer, musician, performer. Known in the whole world.

    I appreciate the talents of Madonna, but really do not see anything "special". And Lady Gaga tries to bring originality to everything he does, but nothing more.

    So a 10 for Michael Jackson for his performance on the MTV show in 95, which appears in the video and that is my favorite.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Hi! Well these are my favourites:

    Madonna: I didn't watch so many performances by Madonna, but I remember one that I really love. It's "Vogue" at MTV awards 1990:
    It's awesome, the outfits, the choreo, the attitude... everything.

    MJ: Michael made every single perfomance in an spectacular show. He's a true legend. My favourite one is "Smooth Criminal" at MTV awards:
    The way MJ moves his body is magical.

    Gaga: I love ALL Gaga perfomances, she's so creative with the costumes and the choreos, and her voice is so beautiful and powerful. Some of my favourites are "Born This Way" at Grammy Awards 2011 and "The Edge Of Glory/Born This Way" at MTV Japan awards 2011 (you should watch these perfomances). But the most EPIC perfomance of Gaga is "Paparazzi" at MTV awards 2009. Is so iconic:
    The message of the dark power of the fame and the bleeding to death, the voice, the choreo... Is perfect!


  3. Madonna: Vogue VMA's 90 & Super Bowl 2012

    Michael Jackson: Super Bowl 1992

    Lady Gaga: Paparazzi VMA's 2009

  4. I really don´t know what perfomance is the best for me. When I love an artist, I don´t usually watch it perfomances (maybe one day I´ll) but right now I don´t.

    I don´t like Michael Jackson very much (I must say that I haven´t heard him CDs, I have to do it, the same with Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears), but I respect him because he was and he is a legend!

    Madonna is my favourite singer. I can´t tell you her perfomances on TV, I give more atention to her tours. But, in the SuperBowl she was amazing!

    The best Lady Gaga´s TV perfomance...I haven´t see many perfomances, but I love when she sang "Marry The Night" at MTV EMA 2011! It was so good to me.