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Behind every artist there’s a life, and in the case of the singers that compose their songs as the three main artists of this blog, we can know some of the things that have happened to them by listening to the lyrics of their songs. We can also find it out through the interviews or comments they make.

Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga had hard youths, and maybe all the difficulties they suffered pushed them to fight for their dreams in a stronger way than other people.

The case of Michael Jackson was typical for every black person living in America at the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s: Every black family was discriminated and underestimated. A part from that, his father, Joe, used to attack and hit him. Joe introduced his children to the world of music, but Michael was too young for that and the press scandals and the pressure to be successful in a world of white singers marked him for life.

On the other hand, Madonna lost her mother with five years old and had to get used to see her father with another woman, a fact that in her youth she didn’t accept at all. In school, she tried to show her talent in dancing to the others or simply draw attention of her classmates because of her loneliness. When she grew up she decided to go to New York to get any artistic job, but she was alone there and without money, so she had to do things as pornographic photos to earn a living. In the streets of the city she was sexually abused too.
"It was the first time I'd ever taken a plane, the first time I'd ever gotten a taxi cab. I came here with $35 in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I'd ever done."
*Encyclopedia Madonnica, Matthew Rettenmund, Pg. 45

Lady Gaga hadn’t a good youth either. In the secondary school she started to be bullied by some classmates. In the MTV program Behind The Music she told that one day in the street some of the students of her school put her in a garbage container. Because of her loneliness she started to consume cocaine or induce herself vomiting, but her dream was to be singer, so with a few months she left this bad behavior.
Maybe this hard way to live taught them to be strong and follow their dreams. Perhaps without these experiences they wouldn’t have considered themselves strong enough to fight in the difficult world of music. Despite all these bad experiences, now the people that underestimated them just admire their work. 


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  1. Monster hi!!! I loved ur blog! Do u loved my blog?

  2. Lady Gaga has a lot more to prove to even be compared to Michael Jackson or Madonna in a survey of pop music royalty. Give her another 20 years and then the comparison would be accurate.

  3. I love your blog! There's a lot of work behind every post! Congratulations!!!

  4. I´m just amazed. I didn´t know that from Madonna. You let me with my mouth opened. Pour Madonna, she lost her mum and then she had to make pornographic photos to make money??? That´s SO sad!

    I knew that Michael Jackson suffered a lot with his dad. Pour MJ!

    And Lady Gaga had bullying.

    Well, a kick in the tongue for people who made Madonna or Michael Jackson. Now they´re legend! Time put persons in the place that they deserve...! And people who made bullying to Lady Gaga must be so envious! But well, they were just teenagers.

    Pour artists! =(