domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012


When an artist starts his/her career it’s hard to make differences among the others, and especially in pop music, a genre when a lot of external facts play a very important role in the success that any singer achieves. For our three singers, some moments or elements of their career were decisive and without them maybe we wouldn’t know who they are. 

MICHAEL JACKSON stood out from the other black singers of the company Motown due his fresh style, colorful clothes and synchronized choreographies with the members of his band. In his solo period he created new movements as the Moonwalker and started making short film productions in his musical videos. 

On the other hand, MADONNA appealed to the controversy to appear in the media of most of the countries in the world. She made declarations as “Crucifixes are sexy because there’s a naked man on it” or used striking clothes like a belt with the inscription “Boy Toy”. Facts like this made the Church point her as a bad influence, something that increased her success. 

LADY GAGA, on her part combined music with technology and fashion, something that made her seem more original than the other pop singers. In addition, her powerful performances with theatrical elements and her different artistic piano designs made her the new music superstar of the 21st Century.

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  1. Hola!!

    Sin lugar a duda creo que Michael Jackson ha superado ampliamente a Madonna y Lady Gaga, y más allá de ser fan del Rey del Pop y de que me fascinan ambas artistas, existen cifras que dan muestra que Michael Jackson obtuvo logros de los cuales algunos de ellos hasta el día de hoy no han sido superados. Su gran carrera musical y la fama que consiguió mundialmente son parte de la leyenda del pop, entre sus haberes se destacan sus exitosísimos álbumes, sus varios récords. En fin Michael Jackson mostró ser único, hasta el momento no hay artista que lo haya igualado en números y récords.


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