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Not to seem boring to her public, Madonna started to change her aspect and some ideologies in every album, so we could see her as a prostitute to a boxer or a soldier from the American army.  Furthermore, she used another technique to win popularity and make publicity of her music  appealing to the controversy in the age of a record and being more repressed in the next, to keep attracting the attention without ruining her career with excess. In the video below you can see all her transformations and metamorphoses, one per album. Of course, you can give your opinion of her changes and strategies in the comments or in the questionnaire.

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  1. I love this post since I read it (2 or 1 minutes ago, ha ha ha!).

    It´s so good to me to see the evolution of my favourite singer. I love her!

    I think that the way how she changes herself is unique and wonderful...She´s so amazing and chamaleonic!

    If you did that video, I loved it! If I had to make a little change, it will be that I don´t think that "I´m Breathless" can be considered an "age" of Madonna: I think that if you include it, you should do the same with the other BSO that she made (for example, "Evita"), but "Vogue" was a hit! And the last change it would be that, for show "Bedtime Stories" album, I prefer "Take A Bow" or "Bedtime Story", but just in my opinion! I liked the video! =)

    I love all her changes, but I have a question.

    "so we could see her as a prostitute to a boxer or a soldier from the American army."

    When was she a prostitute? O.O

    This is a good post! Thanks you for let us see it! =D

    1. As a prostitute in the video of Erotica, as a boxer in some images of Hard Candy and as a soldier in American Life. Thank you very much

    2. Oh yes, I knew that she was a boxer in some imagenes of Hard Candy (M-Dolla, whan an amazing name) and a soldier in American Life, but I didn´t understand very much what did you mean with "a prostitute"! Well, in Erotica´s video it happens, but I won´t say that she´s being a prostitute. Just...Looking for fun. Ha ha ha !
      You´re welcome! =D

  2. I agree with Sergio, I don't think Madonna was a prostitute in Erotica video/era, this was only another phase in Madonna's career...all people talk about her and she makes more and more money...this is how it works...she reinvents herself with every album, in every tour, every minute, every year...make controversy is one of the best things she can do and she knows how to do it well...everything she touches is gold, money...and that's why we love her! and there's a truth: KING dead, long live the QUEEN! 'cause there's only one QUEEN and that's MADONNA