sábado, 12 de enero de 2013


The research project of The Throne of Pop Music has come to an end, but this blog will still open so everybody will have a chance to talk about Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga and they influence on the society. I would like to thank all the visitors for voting and comment in the blog because I have used all the opinions in my project.
The heritage that these three singers will leave in the world will prevail very present for the next generations, and that is what proves that they really have the crown of the throne of pop music.

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  1. hola mj fan queria pasar a ver a mi unico rey y que hay de nuvo,me alegra que el amor por mike siga creciendo,ojala y nunca se termine que sea eterno.PERDON pero tenia un poquito abandonado
    el blog pero es que empece a trabajar y los lun a sab estoy a la tarde los domingos a la mañana ,pero ya voy a acomodarme con mis hoarios,siempre hay tiempo para mike ,saludosMJKINGEVER