viernes, 4 de enero de 2013


The young boy started his career repressing his opinions because of the pressure that he felt by his family and music company, but time went by and he changed of label to start composing his own songs in which the beat was the most important. His illness caused his skin changed and he started to be besieged by the media. Moreover, his private scandals increased and he started talking about the pressure of the media and his unhappy childhood in his songs. Despite these scandals, Michael continued been a symbol for the black collectives and a star in the whole world achieving towering sales with his albums. 

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  1. i misss you little peter
    forever rey peter an
    felices fiestas y buen comienzo de año
    pasate x mis blogs

  2. There are many elements that create a super star. Michael Jackson not only had the ingredients for a successful career in the industry, but the spirit to transform that career into something meaningful. There are many celebrities on the planet, but few who have chosen to use their celebrity in such a way as to inspire and move the masses. It takes a rare individual to achieve such a loving touch on humanity itself. It is with deep regret that I remember the torture that such a person must endure because of the ugly jealousies of those around him. The best part of Michael Jackson was his ability to endure, to believe in people when most of us would not, and to love unconditionally all people - regardless of race, religion or opinion. May those in the industry remember what true greatness is by his example, and may we as a people remember how we too can be successful at life, not just a career.